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What’s holding you back?

Weight Control

We’re all too familiar with this one. Weight control is one of the most common struggles in the world today! You are not alone. We can help!

Time Management

“I’m too busy to workout.” Sound familiar? We can help you find ways to make fitness happen even in the busiest of schedules!


Having a hard time sticking to a routine? Find out how to build in variety and simplicity to keep you engaged and seeing results!

Athletic Performance

Training for an event or sport? We are passionate about pushing our bodies to new heights and athletic performance is what we do best!


Benefits & Outcomes


Benefits & Outcomes

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Schedule a

Free Session

Looking to start training, need nutritional help, or bodywork? We’re here for you. Get started today!

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Get started and

Reach Your Goals

In your first free session or appointment we will discuss your goals and develop a path to help you reach them!

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Jumpstart your

New Lifestyle

Stop putting off your new life. Allow us to help you find the inner strength you’ve had all along!


What Our Members Are Saying

“I met Jason when he was working at the ProClub and I was having problems finding the right fit. Jason was a God send. He is incredibly knowledgeable and was great at putting together a pragmatic workout that fit my schedule. I loss 15 pounds with my work with Jason. Jason is very patient and did a great job asking about 1000 questions I had about working out :)”

~ CJ Liu

“Jason is a skilled and excellent trainer. He listens to his clients needs and always thinks outside the box to give them the exact services they request. He is innovative, creative and extremely knowledgeable in his field of exercise physiology.”

~ Chelsea Ocean 20/20 LifeStyles Registered Dietitian

“Jason is a highly skilled trainer and wonderful motivator. I have been working with him to gain strength, lose weight and become a better martial artist. His knowledge of exercise has made me faster, more explosive and a more powerful fighter. I will continue to work with Jason throughout my training.”

~ Daniel Wear