Today’s post is about the writing challenge I am starting today. It put out into the world recently by Omar Zenhom on his podcast The $100 MBA. For next 3 weeks will be putting up 15 blog posts. For the most part I will be stick to my Eat, Think, Move, Perform format with a couple of exceptions. This is one. Tomorrow, I will be giving you a chance to get to know me a little bit better. In addition I will be doing a couple of product reviews in terms of gear/food products that can hopefully will be helpful, relative and informative to you. Writing 5 posts a week seems intimidating because it hard to come with things to write about. However, if you can plan out your topics first, then it makes it much easier. I am writing all of this week’s posts first so they are done for the most part, but my task for this week is to write the next 5. I’m excited and curious the see what happens overs the next 3 weeks, not only to traffic on the site, but how it changes me as a writer and a person. Be on the look out for tomorrow’s post 13 Things You Don’t Know About Me…But Should. So will you be accepting the writing challenge?