There are a couple of things over the years that found work really when my clients are trying to lose weight. When I got my Precision Nutrition certification these 5 habits were pointed out and totally made sense to me because I have been using them in some form all along. I wanted to share them here because they are a great way to get started when you are trying to change your food habits.

1 – Eat Slowly and Stop at 80% Full

You meal should take roughly 15 to 20 minutes. This gives our body time to digest and tell us we are getting full. One way of doing this is to put your fork down between bites, chew your food and take a sip of water. When we don’t do this, it’s really easy to over eat because being full is a delayed response so if you are putting food into your mouth right up to the moment your body says its full then you have already over eaten.

2 – Eat Protein Dense Foods with Each Meal

For me, when I am at the store or out to get a meal, I think what is my protein source? This can be a meat option or a vegetarian option, either way, it needs to have protein. Chicken is my favorite, it’s high in protein, simple, easy to prepare and goes with most anything.

3 – Eat Vegetables with Each Meal 

This one is surprising hard sometimes. Getting a side salad is always a great option, but can be boring too. I like to add protein to salads to give a good protein and a mix of flavors.

4 – For Fat Loss, Eat a Majority of other Carbohydrates After Exercise

Other Carbs means non-vegetable and fruit. Carbs are important for brain function. We need, I am definitely not a no-carb person. However, being smart about your carbs is important. Making good choices and of what and when to eat them, makes a huge difference.

5 – Eat Health Fats Daily

Common knowledge use to be fat is bad. However, that is not true. Eating healthy fat is SO important. The paleo movement in recent years has really gone a long way to debunk this kind of thinking. Some of my favorite healthy fats are, nuts, seeds, avocados and coconut oil. If you cook your food in oil, that will cover a good part of your fat for the day. 

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