I know you’re asking yourself, why is a fitness blog reviewing a selfie stick? Seems kind of strange, but it actually has a practical purpose. One of the more difficult things for me to do is to record videos doing or explaining exercises by myself. So when the opportunity came across my way to review some products, I choose the Xshot Selfie Stick to see if it would help make recording videos easier. 

The Xshot worked great and really easy and simple to use. I used the stick itself as a lever to create balance and to level out my phone. This was great because then I didn’t have to worry about leaning my phone up against something and have always shoot slightly upwards. It has an adjustable hand which can fit a lot of different size phones. This gave me a lot of flexibility for where and how I placed my phone in order to get the right shot. The best part about the Xshot is the remote control. It connects to your phone through bluetooth. I was able to keep the remote in my pocket so that I could stand in the exact same spot for each take. I could easily start and stop the video and reshoot when needed. 

One of the most popular things I see in the fitness industry on social media is people recording their workouts. Typically, these videos are not the best quality. Sometimes they are shoot from too low because there was nothing high enough to prop the phone against. Sometimes they are not steady because someone is holding the phone and if you want someone to hold your phone, you need some there to hold it. I usually need to record videos when I am at work by myself, but I don’t have any employees so is there no one there to help me. I would recommend the Xshot Selfie Stick for anyone who wants to record videos of themselves teaching or doing something. You don’t have to be in the fitness industry, but for all the Instagram workout junkies out there, get yourself the Xshot Selfie Stick and up your game.